Dear Doug,

      I'm writing on behalf of the many legitimate, hard working psychics, numerologists and card readers who, quite frankly, resent your foray onto their turf. These people have devoted their lives to elevating the image of their craft only to have you make a mockery of it with your Annual Predictions Issues. I will admit your nine out of ten accuracy in 2003 was impressive, but you've pushed your luck with these ridiculous predictions for 2004 - and I for one will enjoy watching you fall flat on your fortune telling face. I've seen your type, you get a couple good guesses under your belt and suddenly you're Edgar Cayce. Well I knew Edgar Cayce and you, sir, are no Edgar Cayce. So I challenge you, Doug, here before your readers. Tell me, pray tell us all, of even one accomplishment that proves you worthy of our attention.

Deke in Decatur

      Dear DD,
      I just published your letter a year before you wrote it.

Dear Doug,

      I am Nicholas and I am writing not from your country to expressing to you my maximum admiration on what you are telling with the future in your predictings. I listened with your being interviewing on the show Jenny Jones on satellite and with my friends we are amazement on how you are seeing the things coming with so clarity. In my country if you can seeing these things the army is take you to this place with locks and making you only looking what is the enemy doing next. Maybe these will not be the same for you and you are still doing your HeyDoug ok. Many old people here do not liking your HeyDoug and telling to me it will corrupting my brain so I am send to you this at 2am in their sleep. Yes you are being world wide and getting much reading and people trusting you. We are having here one question, can you seeing you go to our country so we can talking to you direct with our faces?

Nicholas at 2am

      Dear Nick at Night
      Let me think...No.

Dear Doug,

      I have a rather critical comment to do with your organization's search for America's Idle. This is quite obviously a poorly thought out attempt to capitalize on the success of the FOX network program with a similar name. My concern is all about the damage that can be wrought upon society by a media machine such as yours with a worldwide audience, once embarked upon such a negative and self serving course of action. To lower the spotlight of celebrity to the gutter and bring it fully to bear on this nation's "most perfect loser" is so far beyond despicable, it defies an adequate descripter. Dare I ask you and your marketing team to reconsider your plans and chart a more responsible course where your programming is concerned? If not you will find, I assure you, that the very audience you are courting, the young and disillusioned, will see this for what it is, a thinly veiled exploitation of their malaise for the sake of corporate profit. I find this program reprehensible and demand that it be cancelled immediately. What do you say to that?

Dr. J. in LA

      Dear DJ

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